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AI takes the Spotlight

AI takes the Spotlight as the most talked-about topic 🌟, eclipsing even pressing matters like the economy and war🤔

The launch of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 marked an important milestone as AI catapulted from tech circles right into the mainstream market!

What once was the domain of tech aficionados is now accessible to all, revolutionizing how we approach tasks and solve problems 🙏

But why is AI trending so high even against pressing matters like the economy and war? Here's what we know:

AI's influence exploded in 2023-24 with countless new tools and applications reshaping both business and daily life

✅ Following this hype, optimism has led to numerous discussions about the bright future of AI and the potential of human-equivalent AI (Artificial General Intelligence) in the near future

…but at the same time 

❌ The global economy is still decelerating compared to pre-pandemic growth

War is still raging in Europe and the Mediterranean

Apparently, more people are interested in the prospects of new AI technology than the implications of global challenges.

Perhaps we recognize the power and great potential of AI💪or we just prefer the magic of AI rather than dealing with more tangible and pressing matters. 

AI is here to stay, but this poses another challenge in balancing our priorities better.


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