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Leverage AI in your company

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​Who is it for

  • You are a Company executive or key Stakeholder at a company in the B2B market

  • You  want to leverage AI technologies to generate real customer value, but you are not sure what is the right way to do so

​The challenge you face

To develop or launch an AI-based application or solution, you need to combine many diverse fields, including:

  • Data science and mathematical modeling

  • Software engineering and platforms

  • Business domain and customer needs know-how

It is tough to find all this knowledge within your organization. Even worse, the people “owning" this information don’t speak the same “language” as they come from both the technical and the business sides.

Specialized workshop and follow-up advisory, combining data science, software, and business domain know-how, for companies that wish to develop or launch their own AI solution

​Why FutureUP

We combine AI know-how with business acumen and have proven experience in Machine Learning/AI modeling techniques, product design, and how to monetize AI innovation  & translate technology features into customer value

​What you get

Unlike most advisors who focus only on the tech or the business side of AI, we combine both and can give practical advice on how to: 


  • Identify the right scope and audience for your AI application/solution

  • Choose the right architecture and platforms

  • Develop your AI models

  • Evaluate and test your models, including A/B testing

  • Identify the key UI elements which can elevate user experience

  • Leverage Human-Computer interaction for more

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