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Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting powered by Predictive AI

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​Who is it for

  • You are a Company Executive or key stakeholder

  • You  want to optimize your pricing or predict your sales or other performance indicators, but you are not sure how to proceed

​The challenge you face

Pricing and sales performance are influenced by many parameters, including:

  • Country conditions (inflation, exchange rates, spending capacity, etc)

  • Market conditions (supply constraints, materials & other costs, competition, etc)

  • Product characteristics (product variety and features, quality, bundling, etc)

  • Customer characteristics (customer diversity, customer personas, segmentation, etc)

It is tough to identify the impact of these parameters to set your pricing accordingly and forecast for multiple scenarios in the market.

Leverage proven Predictive AI models to identify the impact of country, market, customer, and product characteristics on sales performance to help optimize pricing across countries and boost revenue & profitability

​Why FutureUP

We use AI predictive models, which have proven resilient in varying market conditions through the years and have helped optimize pricing across countries and boost revenue & profitability

​What you get

Unlike most predictive models that don’t work well in volatile environments or expect too much from the users in terms of time and expertise, our models take into account the changing country, market, and target audience conditions and allow the user to generate results quickly, in real time, and with measured accuracy:

  • Real-time predictive insights with minimum effort and zero or simple setup

  • Optimized pricing across countries & market segments

  • Market & sales strategic forecasts with measured accuracy (min-max range)

  • Impact of market & country dynamics and customer & product characteristics on pricing and sales performance

  • Key growth drivers identification

  • What-if scenarios for the future

Predictive AI technology

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Our Predictive AI technology can analyze sales & prospective data for your products and combine with country, market, customer, and product characteristics to help forecast sales and market performance, optimize pricing across countries or customer segments,  identify key growth drivers and their impact, generate what-if scenarios, and boost revenue & profitability.

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