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Optimum Price🔥simulation per country and year for a new product launch

Updated: Apr 11

A real case leveraging Predictive AI⚡to optimize price for varying inflation & income

Watch the video📺presenting Optimum Price suggestions across countries and years for a new product launch (Scent Camera), leveraging FutureUP’s Predictive AI with prospective pricing data from our partner Neurensics and macro indicators, namely inflation and spending income from the IMF.

You can learn more about this customer case here 

The simulation📈first passes over past years, from 1980-2022, demonstrating significant changes in the suggested Optimum Price and pricing shifts among countries. Then, it moves to 2023, unveiling the considerable diversity in prices among countries. Finally, the simulation projects the optimum prices for 2024-2028.

The in & out of sample testing demonstrated high accuracy with less than 2.5% error👍.

The significant price diversity over the years (more than 3x increase) and across countries🌍suggests that businesses can significantly benefit🚀from studying countries’ potential and analyzing macroeconomic trends over time to tailor their pricing accordingly!

You can learn more about this customer case here

Watch the simulation:

You can learn more about this customer case here


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