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The Forecasting Net is an affiliate think tank running since 2011, of more than 1600 professionals, futurists, and simple enthusiasts interested in AI, Pricing & Price Optimization, Forecasting, and Future Trends.

The purpose of the Forecasting Net is to help increase our visibility of the future by monitoring emerging trends in technology, our society, business, and the global economy by using all means available, from simple observation and analysis to complex AI tools.

We put a lot of emphasis on presenting everything in a simple and straightforward manner that everyone can understand. Towards this goal, the Forecasting Net launched in 2011 a LinkedIn group & Blog to post and comment on new trends, AI & forecasting techniques, hints & tips, guides, software, and any other relevant material that is of value to our audience.

As of August 2023, most of the content of the Forecasting Net Blog has been MOVED, and it is hosted on the affiliate FutureUP website, enhanced with additional and relevant content! For more info, follow this link.

Below, you can find a list of popular Forecasting Net resources:


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