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The new home of the Forecasting Net

Updated: Jan 5

Hi, I am George Boretos, owner of the Forecasting Net Blog and Founder of FutureUP!

Starting from August 2023, the Forecasting Net website IS MOVING and will be hosted on FutureUP's website - the one you are visiting now - and all web requests will be redirected to this site.

From here, you can easily access all your favorite Forecasting Net resources, such as:

  • Forecasting Net Blog: This is enhanced with additional/relevant content from FutureUP, but you can also see previous blog material by selecting the Forecasting Net tab.

  • Forecasting Tool: You can learn more about the tool and download it, along with some examples.

  • Selected forecasts: Selected forecasts made with the Forecasting Tool or with a similar model.

Although most posts and site material have already been ported, this is an ongoing process, and some posts may not be there yet.

If you are missing some content or have a question, then please use our Contact form to get in touch. Fill in the form as indicated below, checking Other as your Interest, adding Forecasting Net in the Subject, and your request in the Message.

Learn more about the Forecasting Net and FutureUP


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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