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Predict the future | Optimize Pricing | Grow faster

Are you struggling to make critical decisions like pricing in today's fast-paced market and stay ahead of the competition?

Introducing FutureUP – your enterprise’s gateway to advanced Predictive AI solutions! Unlock actionable predictive insights for effortless, real-time, data-driven decisions, driving optimized pricing, profitability, and growth.

Led by a seasoned entrepreneur amid a diverse community of experts, our aim is to democratize Predictive AI and enhance decision-making, future visibility, and sales performance with actionable data insights.

Contact us now to discover our AI-based Price Optimization & Strategic Forecasting solutions and boost your company's success!

Success Stories

Price Optimization & Strategic Forecasting powered by Predictive AI​

Optimized Pricing

Optimize pricing across countries & market segments

Macroeconomic Impact

Impact of market & country dynamics  on pricing and sales performance

Range Forecasts

Market & Sales forecasts with measured accuracy (min-max range)

Microeconomic Impact

Impact of customer & product characteristics on pricing and sales performance

What-if Scenarios

Simulate future scenarios for varying market, country, customer, and product conditions 

Democratize Predictive AI

Predictive insights, which can be easily performed and controlled by the user without expert help

Our predictive models stand out from the rest, requiring no expertise and minimal effort from the user and zero or a simpler setup while generating quick, real-time insights with measured accuracy. Unlike other predictive models, our algorithms adapt to the changing country, market, product, and audience conditions, allowing you to optimize pricing across countries & markets and simulate future scenarios with confidence.

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