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Supercharge your Pricing & Strategic Foresight with the power of Predictive AI

Struggling to make quick, critical decisions like pricing in today's dynamic market? Overwhelmed by cumbersome data analysis and complex software tools?

Contact us to learn how you can supercharge your business effortlessly with FutureUP Predictive AI for Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting!

Success Stories

Price Optimization & Strategic Forecasting powered by Predictive AI​

  • Optimum price suggestions

  • Dynamic demand & profit curves

  • Sales & Market forecasts

  • Key growth drivers 

  • What-if scenarios

  • Across countries and markets

  • User controllable scenarios

  • Adjust for inflation, economic slowdowns, competition pricing, and other market/macro factors

  • Adjust for product and target audience characteristics

  • Multiple optimization methods

  • Tested Predictive AI models over 20 years

  • High accuracy reaching 97%

  • Optimize pricing and improve revenue or other KPIs even 2-fold

  • Econometric AI model

  • Incorporates business and economic intelligence

  • Easier to use and understand

  • More accurate even with less data

  • No expertise needed/minimal effort required by the user

  • No installation or deployment

  • Access everything over the web

  • No data entry is needed by the user

  • Measured accuracy

  • Min/max ranges for insights

  • Confidence levels

Our econometric predictive models stand out from the rest, requiring no expertise and minimal effort from the user and zero or a simpler setup while generating instant, real-time insights with measured accuracy. Unlike other predictive models, our algorithms adapt to the changing country, market, product, and audience conditions, allowing you to optimize pricing across countries & markets and simulate future scenarios with confidence.

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