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Predicting the Growth of the Global Market using AI

Updated: Nov 2

➡️ AI-based Forecasting of the Global Market📈

➡️ High accuracy for nearly 15 years!🔥

A published forecast, based on the Predictive AI model utilized by FutureUP, successfully predicting the global market evolution from 2005-2022, allowing for proactive, long-term planning.

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Predicting the Growth of the Global Market
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The forecasting challenge

Forecast the long-term growth potential of the Global Market in times of great uncertainty, including the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and the Pandemic of 2020.

The solution

A published forecast* performed more than a decade ago, using known data up to 2005, leveraging an innovative Predictive AI econometric model to estimate the Global Market as measured by the Global GDP.

The result & benefit

👍High forecasting accuracy

The model’s estimates remained very close to actual values from 2006 to 2022, with just a 2.4% average error, despite the many challenges of the past years.

👍Plan ahead with confidence

Long-term anticipation of significant market trends enables companies, people, and governments to plan ahead and prepare accordingly.

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