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Mobile apps optimum pricing across countries using AI

Updated: Apr 22

2x 🚀increase in Revenue and 3x 🚀in Conversions leveraging AI-powered Price Optimization🔥across countries considering the Macro & Market Impact

A real case of Mobile application vendors using the Predictive AI model’s optimum price suggestions per country, resulting in significant revenue and performance benefits.

Download the case presentation:

Mobile apps vendors optimum pricing across countries
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The pricing challenge

Move from a “flat” price strategy for all countries and suggest different prices per country to improve revenue and conversion rates. Also, identify key growth drivers and their impact on sales performance.

The solution

A Predictive AI model offering price suggestions per country by leveraging various market, country, and product variables & characteristics.

The result & benefit

👍 Sales performance increase: 1.7x increase in revenue and 3x increase in conversion rates

👍 Key Growth Drivers identification: Exchange rate change was identified as the most critical growth driver, with an impact of up to 39%


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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