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Enhance innovation in your company and improve go-to-market success

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​Who is it for

  • You are a Company executive or a key Stakeholder at a company in the B2B market

  • You want to boost innovation in your company to grow faster

​The challenge you face

You “envy” startup companies for their capacity to innovate and grow quickly, but your company is:


  • More conservative and understands less about innovation and how to use it or boost it

  • Less agile and needs more time to find and nurture new ideas

  • More risk-averse and wants to avoid spending big money to investigate new ideas


You are trying to figure out how to proceed on your own or with some general consulting help, but still, you are uncertain about the outcome since  not a lot of people have hands-on experience with creating new innovative ideas from scratch

Specialized workshop and follow-up advisory, based on hands-on experience, for any company that wants to boost internal innovation and launch new offerings to secure growth

​Why FutureUP

We have experience in building innovation and new offerings starting from scratch in both established and startup companies, ensuring product-market-fit and rapid growth, and we can do the same for you

​What you get

Unlike general consulting and instinctive approaches, you’ll get practical guidance and proven benchmarks in critical areas of your business and learn how to: 

Innovate to grow

  • Generate new ideas from scratch and evaluate them without spending a fortune on market research

  • Experiment and pivot when the opportunity arises

Achieve product-market-fit and scaleup

  • Leverage feedback to evolve your idea/offering

  • Identify where you are on the market/product lifecycle and adjust your marketing mix accordingly

  • Scale up as you go to ensure go-to-market success and agility

Strategize for success

  • Identify the critical steps in your journey to boost innovation

  • Identify and address the Crossing the Chasm challenge

  • Leverage benchmarks and proven hints & tips

  • Analyze what lies ahead in your market and strategize for success

  • Choose the right risks to take

  • Choose the right KPIs to monitor

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