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AI Innovation Summit Feb 2024

Updated: Mar 27

🔥Burning insights about AI from the latest AI Innovation Summit held on Feb 15

The AI-Innovation Summit has more than 40,000 attendees, making it the largest of all 75,000 LinkedIn events!💪

We had the privilege of participating at the previous AI Summit in Nov'23 with a keynote titled "AI-the big picture" where we presented the current status and future potential of the AI space.

The key insights of our keynote were:

  • AI went mainstream with the wide release of ChatGPT at the end of 2022

  • ChatGPT is still setting the pace for the AI market despite the numerous AI tools out there

  • AI can deliver great business value, as proven by many success stories

  • Human-AI symbiosis with humans at the steering wheel is a pivotal paradigm shift in our era

We were happy to see supporting evidence for our previous insights during the latest AI Summit on Feb 15, 2024!

The latest AI Summit included presentations from six speakers, and here are some of their most important insights:

➡️AI has gone mainstream: According to an IDC survey sponsored by Microsoft, 71% of organizations are using some form of AI, and 22% are expecting to do so in the next 12 months, proving that AI is now used by a broader mainstream audience.   

➡️AI delivers great business value: According to the same IDC survey, the average ROI of business AI initiatives is at 3.5x and 8x for the top 5%, again proof of the great value that AI brings to companies.   

➡️AI for All: This is the new Microsoft mantra, fully aligned with the mainstream nature of AI.

➡️MS Copilot has a great positioning: “AI enablement in your flow of work”. In other words, you are still in charge while working with AI.

➡️Multimodal is here to stay: Integrating and processing diverse information from text, images, video, speech, or other sources unlocks AI's true potential.

➡️Technology blending: In the following months and years, we’ll see more combined applications of Generative & Conversational AI, Robotics, and Predictive AI

➡️Game changers: We are still waiting to see when and how Quantum Computing will change the AI market and everything else.

➡️Humans vs AI Ideation: Humans have more diverse ideas but not necessarily of better quality compared to AI. ChatGPT can get “tired” as well, creating fewer ideas.

➡️Risk of AI: The AI Summit emphasized the risk of AI-generated fake content and the need for a regulatory framework.

➡️Other trends: The emergence of Custom LLMs, hyper-personalization for sales and marketing, text-to-video, AI agents working across platforms and applications

You can watch the recording below:

You can also watch the recordings and download presentations for the latest and all past AI Innovation Summits below:


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