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AI Innovation Summit Nov 2023

Updated: Feb 18

George Boretos, Founder & CEO of FutureUP delivered a keynote at the prestigious AI Innovation Summit on Nov 16th, addressing over 20000 attendees!

Watch the recording here (our presentation starts at 23:35) and download the presentation below:

Recent AI Summits featured prominent figures in the AI space, such as Greg Brockman, co-founder of Open AI, and other notable AI thought leaders.

George's presentation titled "AI-the big picture" will touch upon:

➡️The current status of the market

➡️The significance of ChatGPT vs. other tools

➡️The many forms and applications of AI

➡️Real-life evidence of the positive business impact of AI

➡️Challenges and future potential of AI

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about the future of AI from experts all around the world!


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