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Pricing and the AI Storm

Updated: Jan 5

Real-life Optimal Pricing in a dynamic market leveraging Predictive AI

➡️Pricing and the AI storm🚀

➡️Real-life🔥Optimal Pricing in a dynamic market leveraging Predictive AI

➡️Impact💥of inflation, economic slowdowns, competition

Our article, "Pricing and the AI Storm" published by the European Pricing Platform (EPP) in the 3rd Edition | Q4 2023 of the EPP Pulse journal!

Download the article:

EPP Pulse Q4 2023, George Boretos, FutureUP, Pricing and the AI storm
Download • 2.50MB

The article covers the following key areas:


➡️Using Predictive AI for Price Optimization💵 

➡️Estimating the Probability to win and the Demand Curve with AI💡

➡️Estimating Pricing trends📈and Supply-Demand dynamics

➡️Practical use cases🛠️of AI in Pricing

The article also features a real case of Price optimization across countries🌍for a new product launch, a joint project of FutureUP with our partner Neurensics.


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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