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The Two G's - Apple Vision Pro Pricing

Updated: May 13

Join us in an insightful conversation to discover the secrets behind the new Apple Vision Pro pricing😎🔥

What’s the story behind the latest launch from Apple and the new product category of Spatial Computing? Coming at a “challenging” price of $3,499, is it pro pricing or amateur monetization?

Join the two G's, Gary Bailey, LinkedIn's Top Voice and monetization guru, and George Boretos, FutureUP's Founder & CEO, as they discuss all aspects of this great new product, sitting at the intersection of AI software & hardware, and its pricing:

➡️What are the key use cases of Apple Vision Pro?

➡️How successful is it up until now?

➡️What is the importance of Spatial Computing?

➡️How important is AI in Apple's strategic positioning?

➡️What's the story behind Apple's pricing and monetization strategy?

Watch the discussion here!


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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