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All for one and AI for all

Check out the metamorphosis of FutureUP's founder, George Boretos! Posing with his buddies Elon Musk and Sam Altman 😎 as the three musketeers with the power of Transformix! 😉

Just played with this fantastic AI tool for a few minutes and created some great “memories” with Elon and Sam! In case you wondered, these are the original images used for the "transformation:

It's quite an amazing transformation! Everybody looks better, and you have no clue that the image came from mid-quality, irrelevant, small pictures.

And then continued to create some more images, again in just a few minutes!

The key learnings are:

➡️Advanced AI technology is now accessible to anyone without any specialization.

➡️This is mainstream technology at its best.

➡️This is AI democratization.

✨All for one and AI for all!✨👍🔥🚀


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