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Book Review: “The Pricing Model Revolution” by Dr Danilo Zatta

Updated: Jan 5

How to Master Pricing and earn a competitive edge!

An excellent book,🔥“The Pricing Model Revolution” by Danilo Zatta, PhD, MBA

Quoted as best-read in Pricing by Philip Kotler🙏

The book was part of my seaside and café reading, visiting Mani & Sparta in Greece, and made my stay even more inspiring💡

I was intrigued to read it for three reasons:

➡️ The author is a highly acclaimed Pricing expert🙏

➡️ It’s recommended by the guru of marketing, Philip Kotler, as a best-read in Pricing👍

➡️It’s recommended by Pol Vanaerde, founder of the EPP - Pricing Platform👌

Although my expectations were high, the book proved even more exciting than I thought!

To start with, the book:

➡️ Has great pricing material, suitable for experts but also less advanced audiences

➡️ Covers every critical approach in pricing, including traditional and more state-of-the-art like AI-based pricing and Neuropricing

➡️ Follows a unique structure, starting with some example cases, then bringing theory and practice into context, and ending with a quick, highly appreciated😊, summary

But “The Pricing Model Revolution” is much more than an excellent pricing encyclopedia!

The most exciting part comes when the author unveils the true power of PRICING as:

➡️ The most important PROFIT driver🚀

➡️ A generous source of COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE💪

The last point is, in my opinion, the highlight of the book💡

I’ve been in the SaaS business for a long time and witnessed how Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, and numerous other SaaS companies built a competitive edge based, at least partly, on their pricing logic! By the time you finish the book, you’ll understand how to use a similar approach in this or other sectors!🙌

Some other highlights from the book that I liked:

➡️ Cost Plus Pricing is obsolete: Adding your desired margin to your costs is a thing of the past

➡️ Pricing is a journey: It’s much more than setting the price and involves positioning, price logic, implementation, and control, just to mention some pricing excellence milestones

➡️ Pricing can yield significant returns: Investing in your pricing journey can generate strong single-digit growth in revenue and more in profits

➡️ Pricing is hot now: The evolution of new digital ecosystems, technological enablers, data & AI-driven decision-making, and innovative marketing approaches act as a catalyst for pricing innovation

Some example cases I adored:

😍 Adobe Creative Cloud: using SaaS pricing as a competitive advantage

😍 Teatreneu: Pay per laugh

😍 Uber: Dynamic & AI-driven pricing

😍 Karma Kitchen: Pay what you want

😍 Pepsi: Neuropricing

😍 Everything in the Psychological pricing chapter!

If you want to quickly understand pricing and why this is a revolution, then "The Pricing Model Revolution" is the book to read!


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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