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Excited to share that FutureAI insights has reached 3,000 subscribers! A big thank you🙏to everyone who follows our cutting-edge future trends🔥and compelling AI stories to supercharge your business🚀

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Some of the topics we covered so far:

AI & Pricing

  • Pricing and the AI Storm

  • AI-powered SaaS Pricing & Packaging

  • Real AI case: New product Price Optimization

  • Pricing under economic downturn

  • Testing AI-powered Pricing for success

  • Which Pricing tool is the best for you?

AI & Strategic forecasting

  • Testing a 17-year prediction of the Global Market generated by AI

  • Predicting a Global Crisis with AI

AI trends

  • Is human-equivalent AI closer than we think?

  • AI-the Big Picture

  • AI takes the Spotlight

  • AI hits the Tipping Point

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