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Online webinar: Mastering B2B SaaS Pricing in a Dynamic Market

Updated: Jan 5

Leveraging AI and Advanced Pricing Methods to Stay Ahead

A thought-provoking webinar on pricing strategies in today's dynamic market landscape. In the face of turbulent times characterized by inflation, potential recession, geopolitical uncertainty, and new technologies, pricing has become even more critical and complex.

Download the webinar slide deck below

Mastering B2B SaaS Pricing in a Dynamic Market - Webinar May 2023
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Our webinar will guide you through identifying the right pricing metric for your B2B SaaS offering. We'll discuss how to define the packaging of your SaaS offering, including features and prices, and how to incorporate different pricing methods and tools, including AI, advanced survey-based techniques, and other cutting-edge tools, such as Neuropricing and Participative Pricing.

We also cover how to leverage historical and prospective data when making pricing decisions. Also, we present how sophisticated econometric models with AI can be used to estimate the impact of market conditions, competition, and customer dynamics on pricing decisions. Finally, we explore different approaches to test and validate your pricing decisions before and after implementation.

More specifically, the webinar covers the following key topics:

The market today

  • The challenges of the market today

  • Why is pricing even more important and complex in our times

SaaS pricing: its importance and key characteristics

Identify the right pricing for your SaaS offering

  • How do we define the right pricing metric (user, usage, modules, etc.)?

  • How do we incorporate different pricing approaches (cost plus, value-based, competition-based, etc.)?

  • What are the different sources of available data (historical vs prospective data) and associated pricing tools?

  • How do we define the packaging (features and prices)?

Optimizing SaaS pricing using prospective data

  • Expert judgement methods (value matrix)

  • Quantitative methods (conjoint analysis, van westendorp, etc.)

Optimizing SaaS pricing using AI and specialized econometric models

  • Price optimization using AI & econometric models

  • Taking into account the competition, market conditions, and the perceived value of your offering

  • New research (e.g. Neuropricing) and how it changes strategic price setting

Testing your decisions

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about pricing strategies that can help you stay ahead of the competition in today's rapidly changing market landscape. Watch the recording and get the slide deck!

Learn more about our Speakers

George Boretos, Founder & CEO, FutureUP

George has over 25 years of professional experience in leadership positions in pricing, marketing, and sales, a deep understanding of AI-enabled Pricing, and a successful journey as an entrepreneur raising $9mn in Seed & Series A funding, working with Fortune 500 and other customers worldwide. He has designed and launched AI applications, including price optimization, and created predictive models that have produced successful forecasts about technology diffusion and the economy.

His most recent endeavor, FutureUP, combines his extensive experience in Pricing, the B2B SaaS market, and AI technologies to help enterprises optimize pricing and achieve their goals.

Nihit Ningthoujam, CEO, Pricing Stratz

Nihit founded Pricing Stratz, a consulting firm that specializes in providing pricing and packaging support primarily to B2B software/tech players. With a focus on the Design-to-Value approach, Nihit leverages the entire range of pricing tools, including machine learning, economic value calculations and survey-based tools like conjoint analysis to derive pragmatic value-based pricing strategies that deliver predictable impacts on volume, sales, and/or margin.

He has supported over 30 businesses across the US, Canada, UK, and France, resulting in impacts ranging from 15% to 40% increases in revenue.


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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