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AI for Africa

Shaping Africa's future through AI innovation

FutureUP's founder, George Boretos, sits on the advisory board of the newly founded international think-tank AI for Africa🌍.

AI is a significant opportunity🔥and everyone must have access to these new and amazing tools! But when it comes to technology adoption, Africa lags in resources, infrastructure, funding, and technological literacy.

Unfortunately, AI is no exception🤔.

In our interconnected and globalized society, no one should be left behind, as we all contribute to global development as a whole. It is important to ensure that Africa has equal or improved access to opportunity compared to the present and does not miss out on the AI revolution.

According to Obi Umegbolu, the think-tank's creator:

AI for Africa's mission is to harness the power of AI to unlock new opportunities and enhance skills across Africa! The organization's key areas are career transitions, industry transformation, and strategic alliances to make a tangible impact. Whether experienced in tech, passionate about AI ethics, or eager to help shape educational frameworks, your expertise can make a significant difference. We are building a community where innovation meets practical solutions, creating a marketplace of ideas and resources.

You can learn more here or join by messaging  Obi Umegbolu directly!⬇️✨🔥


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