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Beyond Efficiency: AI's creative Potential

Updated: Jan 5

George Boretos, Founder & CEO of FutureUP, joined twenty distinguished AI Thought Leaders to discuss the future and huge potential of AI in shaping the world of business and our personal lives!

Panel discussion

George participated in a panel of distinguished Thought Leaders in AI discussing:

  • The future of AI, acting as a catalyst of change and digital transformation

  • Key applications in business

  • Key challenges in using AI

  • Success stories vs. risks

"Operations Redefined by Generative AI" panel with

Monique Morrow, Hedera, Innosuisse (moderator)

Jeff Winter, Hitachi Solutions America

Jarrod Anderson, ADM

Simon See, NVIDIA

George Boretos, FutureUP

More about the event:

In brief

AI is not only acceleration, effectiveness and efficiency, but now also a source of inspiration and our co-pilot for everyday life. Gain insights into the latest generative AI use cases, and discover how the seemingly impossible becomes possible and how innovation, leadership and AI fuel creativity and change our way of working and living.

In detail

In today’s dynamic world, AI has outgrown its conventional applications and has taken on a transformative role as a source of inspiration and an indispensable co-pilot for humans. The days are gone when AI was limited to mere speed and productivity; it now pushes the boundaries of what we thought was achievable. With AI experts on stage bringing groundbreaking examples of AI’s influence, this conference seeks to explore the vast potential of AI as a driving force for creativity, innovation, and progress. As leaders steer the way, AI fuels a new era of exploration, redefining how we approach work and life.

On stage

➡️ AI experts with the latest hands-on AI

➡️ Digital transformation leaders

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about the future of AI from experts all around the world! To join the conference, click on the link below.


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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