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Forecasting Impact - Joannes Vermorel

FutureUP's Founder & CEO, George Boretos, co-hosts with Mahdi Abolghasemi, the latest episode of the prestigious Forecasting Impact, a monthly podcast by the International Institute of Forecasters about Forecasting and AI!

In this episode, we spoke to Joannes Vermorel, founder and CEO at Lokad, a quantitative supply chain software company.

Joannes discussed how supply chain theory is broken down, and that we need to think in terms of paradigms and modules rather than models for solving supply chain problems. He talked about issues in time series forecasting and judgmental forecasting. He emphasized how critical it is to have a holistic view of the problem, to aim for optimization of the entire system, and to acknowledge that we often don’t know the metric to be optimized and it requires some experimentation. We also discussed how Lokad is deploying AI pilots to address some of the important problems in the supply chain.


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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