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Imperial College Alumni of Greece Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

The Development of Artificial Intelligence - Opportunities and Challenges for People and Society

FutureUP's Founder & CEO, George Boretos, participated as a panelist in this AI Masterclass organized by the Imperial College Alumni of Greece!

The masterclass took place on Wednesday, Apr 24, at 18:00 GR time at the Conference Hall of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Administration Building, University Campus-Zografou.

The masterclass was opened by:

  • Konstantinos Aravossis: President of the Greek Alumni Association of Imperial College, Professor National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

  • Konstantinos Kyranakis: Deputy Minister of Digital Governance in Greece

  • Ioannis Chatjigeorgiou: Rector of the NTUA

Discussion Panel I

Our future with the development of Artificial Intelligence: How the future of humanity is shaped in different fields, the limits of technology and the political, economic and social impacts, opportunities and challenges

  • Moderator: Konstantinos Aravosis, President Greek Alumni Association Imperial College, Professor NTUA

  • Yiannis Mastrogeorgiou: Special Secretary for Long-Term Planning in the Presidency of the Greek Government, responsible for the supervision of the Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister on Artificial Intelligence

  • Timos Sellis: Member of the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee under the University of Thessaloniki - Director of the "Archimedes" Research Unit of the "Athena" Research Center

Discussion Panel II

Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship: How ready are Greek and international businesses to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their operations and how the new business future is shaped

  • Moderator: Virginia Kokkiou, Legal Advisor and Director of the Office of the Special Secretary for Long-Term Planning

  • Vasilis Nikolopoulos: Cofounder & CTO AVOKADO, Imperial College Alumni

  • George Boretos: Founder & CEO FutureUP, Expert in Predictive AI & Pricing, Imperial College Alumni

  • Christina Leimoni: COO - Sales Enablement & Operations Director, Microsoft

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about AI and its impact on business, individuals, and our society!


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