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Forecasting Impact - Kai Markus Mueller

Updated: Jun 19

FutureUP's Founder & CEO, George Boretos, co-hosts with Arian Sultan Khan, the latest episode of the prestigious Forecasting Impact, a monthly podcast by the International Institute of Forecasters about Forecasting and AI!

In this episode, we explore the intersection of Neuroscience with Forecasting & AI with guest Kai-Markus Mueller, an acclaimed neuroscientist and a pioneer in Neuropricing.

➡️Kai, who began his journey in psychology with aspirations of becoming a child psychotherapist, eventually shifted his focus to cognitive psychology and neuroscience. His transition from academia to the industry led to the invention of Neuropricing that utilizes fMRI and EEG to understand consumer behavior and predict responses to advertising and pricing.

➡️The podcast delves into Kai’s innovative work, highlighting how brain activity can often predict consumer behavior more accurately than traditional self-reported methods, with success stories such as Starbucks coffee pricing research and Pepsi’s strategy in Turkey.

➡️Kai explains the practical applications of neuroscience in business, such as storyboard testing for advertising effectiveness and discusses the integration of AI with neuroscience to enhance predictive models.

➡️He also shares insights on balancing his various roles as an entrepreneur, professor, and industry practitioner, emphasizing the importance of a supportive team.

➡️Looking ahead, Kai sees immense potential for neuroscience and AI to transform business strategies, pricing, and drive marketing success.

The conversation underscores the growing mainstream acceptance and practical benefits of these advanced technologies in various industries.

You can also check here a joint success story combining Kai's amazing Neuroscience with FutureUP's Predictive AI for Price Optimization!


Interested in learning more about AI-Powered Price Optimization and Strategic Forecasting?

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