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MIT Enterprise Forum Webcast on entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 5


George Boretos, Founder & CEO of FutureUP, is joining this exclusive webcast, “MITEF Greece Alumni Startups - Unveiling the Path to Success”, organized by StartSmart SEE, the dynamic rebranding of MITEF Greece!

Joining forces with an exceptional panel of fellow entrepreneurs, they'll journey through their own experiences in the MITEF Greece Startup Competition, exploring the significant impact on their ventures. Additionally, they'll tackle pivotal topics that can reshape the future of startups and innovative businesses.

We invite you all to register now and join us during an insightful discussion featuring:

🔹Evangelos Pappas, CEO at RTsafe

🔹George Boretos, Founder & CEO FutureUP, member of KEMEL

🔹George Skretas, CEO at ResQ Biotech

Let's share this learning journey together!🚀


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