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Book Review: ”The Invisible Game”👍by Kai-Markus Mueller, Gabriele Rehbock

The Secrets and the Science of Winning Minds and Winning Deals!

Visiting the fantastic Dali museum in Spain!🧑‍🎨

Reading an exciting book, ”The Invisible Game”👍by Kai-Markus Mueller and Gabriele Rehbock, quoted as a must-read by Philip Kotler🏆

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kai! I was amazed by his deep knowledge of Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics and witnessed firsthand their remarkable applications in pricing.🙏

Still, nothing prepared me for the amazing and eye-opening book I was about to read!✨

In the Invisible Game, I discovered the hidden dynamics behind B2B sales and purchase decisions:

➡️The “Visible Game” is the fact-based and rational part of our decision-making

➡️The “Invisible Game” includes all the subconscious and split-second responses that shape our decision-making behind the scenes

The successful seller, marketer, or negotiator should be able to understand and navigate🧭through both parts!

Read this book if you want to learn:

✅How we make decisions based on both logic and emotion

✅What is Neuroscience, and how can it be applied in pricing

✅Why the awkward-looking pricing like $99.99 works

✅How decoys work in sales offers and bundle pricing

✅Why a loss matters more than a gain

✅If you should make the first move in negotiations

✅The power of framing and anchoring in negotiations

✅The mechanics of first impression

✅How should you deliver good and bad news for best results

✅The power of near-term rewards

✅When to bundle or unbundle

I highly recommend this book to salespeople, marketers, C-suite, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in being more persuasive in sales, marketing, pricing, and any form of negotiation!


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